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Call for Papers CSBIB Islamic Finance Conference 2023, Date: 9–10 September 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) (Tentative)

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Islamic Finance for Sustainable Economic Development


Date: 9–10 September 2023 (Saturday and Sunday) (Tentative)

InterContinental Dhaka, Bangladesh (Tentative)


Call for Papers

The presence of Islamic banking in Bangladesh is among the world’s strongest as it occupies about one-third of the total banking sector.A total of 34 banks are currently offering Islamic banking, out of which 10 are full-fledged and the remaining is through branch/window licenses. Besides, several non-banking financial institutions are offering Islamic financial services. More banks and non-banking financialinstitutions are interested (some are already in the process) to provide Islamic banking and financial services.


In a financial system, Islamic banking cannot grow alone, particularly when the market share is substantial as it is now in Bangladesh. Islamic banking needs support from other components of the financial system,e.g., Islamic money market, Takaful(Islamic insurance), Islamic capital market, and Islamic social finance. Moreover,there is an imperative need for a strong yet facilitative regulatory framework and human capital development. There is also an increased focus globally as well as in Bangladesh on the sustainable development of the financialsector. To ensure that Islamic finance continues to play its role in the sustainable economic development of Bangladesh, it is essential to exchange views among the different stakeholders so that the gaps are identified and appropriate strategies are formulated. Realizing this need, the Central Shariah Board for Islamic Bank of Bangladesh (CSBIB) is going to organize two-day conference involving the policymakers, regulators, industry leaders and practitioners, Shariah scholars, academics, and future leaders. An Islamic banking and finance expo will be also organized on the sideline of the conference.


The conference will have dedicated sessions on applied research presentations that identify the gaps currently present in the Islamic financial system of Bangladesh and provides implementable action plans for overcoming those gaps. The research may include the experiences of other countries while formulating recommendations for Bangladesh. The recommendations must be in line with the existing regulatory framework and practices of Bangladesh.


The submitted papers can be in any of the following areas:

  • Achievements and prospects of Islamic financein the sustainable economic development of Bangladesh.
  • Importance of developing a comprehensive Islamic financial system for sustainable economic development.
  • Integration of Islamic socialfinance into the mainstream Islamicfinance.
  • The gaps and limitations in the existing regulatory framework and recommendations based on the experience of other countries.
  • Achieving the objectives of Shariah (Maqasidal-Shariah) through Islamic finance.
  • Importance of ensuring Shariah compliance for a sustainable Islamic financial system.
  • Specific issues and challenges of the Islamic finance industry of Bangladesh and recommendations for future development.
  • Digitalization and use of technologies towards enhancing Shariah compliance and growth of Islamicfinance market share

Submission Guidelines

  • The research paper must be original and unpublished and in consonance with the mentioned areas.
  • The research papers must have four keywords.
  • Only full papers, along with the abstracts,maximum of 10,000 words, should be submitted and follow a scientific approach, which includes but is not limited to:
  • The title of the research paper should be no more than 12 words; and
  • Introduction including background, objectives, literature review,methodology, analysis and results,and conclusion and recommendations must be present.
  • The American Psychological Association (APA)referencing style should be followed.
  • The Academic Committee reserves the right to accept or reject the submitted papers. Only selected papers will be presented in the conference.
  • The paper can be in English or Bangla.
  • The final submitted items of the selected paper will include:
  • Full paper to make available to the participants in soft copy;
  • Presentation slides to present at the conference; and
  • Extended abstract (not more than four pages) to publish in print form.


Awards & Rewards

Each presenter will receive a token of appreciation. There will be the Best Paper Award(s) given by distinguished guests of the conference.


Registration Fee

No registration fee is applicable.


Important Dates

Deadline for submission of the full final draft of the paper: 30 July 2023

Deadline for submission of the presentation slides (15-20 minutes presentation): 20 August 2023



All papers to be submitted to the following email address:

Head of Academic Committee

CSBIB Islamic FinanceConference 2023



Published : 18-04-2023 , 07:39 am